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Katarina Blom is an internationally acclaimed TEDx speaker, happiness psychologist and author of books on mental wellbeing.
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Over 2 million people have seen Katarina's TEDx talk where she reveals why the brain is often counterproductive in making us happy.
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About Katarina

Katarina is passionate about dispelling myths and rumors about what makes us happy. In an entertaining and interactive way she shows what science and research can teach us about human well-being. During her talks, participants receive tips on how to easily create change in everyday life. She facilitates a playful environment that enhances well-being on the spot using research-based exercises. After the talk, participants will have received concrete tools to create a positive change in their life.
How can we strengthen the well-being of both ourselves and each other?

Katarina was nominated to the prize "Speaker of the Year" in both 2016 and 2019.
Articles and interviews
Katarina frequently appears in the Nordic press.
Katarina's best picks in your inbox every month.
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